Atlas Copco awarded ISO 22000 food safety system certification

Atlas Copco awarded ISO 22000 food safety system certification


Atlas Copco is the first air compressor manufacturer to receive ISO 22000 certification for its production facility in Antwerp, Belgium, which manufactures state-of-the-art, oil-free air compressors, blowers and air treatment products.

Air Technologies® is a proud Atlas Copco distributor and shares its concern for the health and well-being of all of its end consumers. As the demand for food and beverage products increases, governmental regulations and requirements for the food and beverage industry increase as well. The ISO 22000 certification process is a quality assurance system that requires proven procedures to guarantee that the product being manufactured does not create a food safety risk.

Compressed air is used widely throughout food and beverage production and processing, and it sometimes comes into direct contact with food. Although ISO 22000 does not define air quality as a potential hazard, Atlas Copco saw the need to become certified. All Atlas Copco Class 0 compressors, blowers, filters and dryers are ISO 22000 certified. This includes the ZT/ZR, ZE/ZA and ZB oil-free air compressors, as well as some air dryers and particulate filters.

This certification gives Air Technologies® customers in the food and beverage industry an extra confidence that their compressed air systems comply with international standards and provide safety and reliability assurance.

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