New Atlas Copco air compressor saves printing company 72% in energy costs

New Atlas Copco air compressor saves printing company 72% in energy costs

GA 15 FF

Air Technologies® installed a new Atlas Copco GA 15 VSD +FF compressor, which helped earn a printing company 72% in annual energy savings.

A large format, screen and digital printing company specializing in banners, posters and other advertising materials, was running a 2002 Atlas Copco GA 15 air compressor and a 1997 Atlas Copco GA 11 compressor to meet its production needs. The plant required both compressors to run full time to maintain a stable plant pressure, which incurred significant energy costs.

The company wanted to reduce its energy expenditures and knew it needed to upgrade its compressed air system. That’s when it contacted the experts at Air Technologies® to find a solution.

Air Technologies® performed a complementary compressed air system audit to get a better understanding of the current system’s performance and flow profile. After completion, the audit revealed the potential for significant energy savings, utility company rebate incentives, system redundancy and reduced wear on the current air compressors. With this information, Air Technologies® recommended installing a new Atlas Copco GA 15 VSD+ FF compressor and placing the existing compressors into a “back-up” role, creating redundancy and peace of mind for the customer.

Upon the installation of the new compressor, Air Technologies® returned to perform a post audit. The audit revealed the company had achieved $11,103 in annual savings, or 72%. In addition, the company received a utility company rebate of $4,552, which paid for 30% of the project cost. Overall, investing in the new air compressor provided the company with a nine-and-a-half-month return on investment and ongoing energy savings.

To learn how you can increase your plant’s cost efficiency or qualify for energy rebates, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer!

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