Atlas Copco Air Compressor Helps Packaging Company Reduce Energy Usage by 56% and Earn $46,960 Energy Rebate

Atlas Copco GA VSD
An Indianapolis-based facility that specializes in custom packaging solutions for branded and healthcare markets was operating an oversized air compressor that was cycling excessively, using significant amounts of energy and accelerating the wear of the compressor’s control valves, and thus causing frequent and costly maintenance.

The packaging company called the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® performed a one-week-long audit of the packaging company’s compressed air system to determine a customized solution that would resolve the issues being caused by the problematic compressor. Air Technologies® identified an opportunity for the customer to minimize energy use, take advantage of local utility rebates and reduce maintenance costs by converting to a properly sized Atlas Copco GA (VSD+) oil-lubricated screw air compressor, which is designed to reduce energy costs by an average of 35 percent. The Atlas Copco GA series air compressor offered the packaging company the reliability and efficiency that the old compressor lacked. It also allowed for the old air compressor to be repurposed as a backup.

The new Atlas Copco air compressor reduced energy use by 56 percent, which helped the packaging company to reach a break even, including installation costs, within one year after installation. The customer was also awarded a rebate worth $46,960 for saving 587,000 kilowatt-hours in energy.

“Energy savings have been noticed on our utility bills! We are thrilled with the success of the project, as well as the smooth installation without a single minute of plant downtime,” said a spokesperson for the packaging company.

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