Air Technologies® wins $54,000 energy rebate for auto parts manufacturer

Air Technologies® wins $54,000 energy rebate for auto parts manufacturer


Air Technologies® has helped Autoline Industries, an auto components manufacturer and supplier based inButler,Ind., improve energy efficiency by 20% and win a $54,000 energy rebate.

Autoline Industries asked Air Technologies® to perform an audit of their compressed air system to identify areas for improvement such as air quality, energy efficiency, service quality and maintenance costs and to research opportunities for energy savings and incentive programs. Air Technologies® analysts conducted an Mbox Air Audit and discovered a staggering leak rate of around 259 CFM, and a significantly undersized storage capacity.

Using Ultrasonic Leak Detection Equipment, Air Technologies® identified 217 CFM of leaks, which Autoline Industries repaired. Air Technologies® also replaced the manufacturer’s 200 HP modulating compressor with an Atlas Copco GA-90 (125 HP) variable speed drive compressor and receiver tank.

The energy saved by repairing the detected leaks alone was almost $21,000 per year. The new variable speed drive air compressor and tank saved the manufacturer an additional $33,000 per year. Overall, the new system is 20% more energy efficient and has adequate storage with significantly fewer leaks. A post audit inspection revealed a total of 820,270 kWh saved. In May, Air Technologies® presented Autoline Industries with a $54,000 energy rebate.

If you’re interested in a compressed air system audit for your plant, contact Air Technologies® and discover how you can reduce energy costs and become eligible for an energy efficiency rebate.