Air Technologies® Solution Saves 63% in Annual Energy Costs and Earns $12,000 Rebate

A top printing company in Indiana was experiencing challenges with a 30 HP air compressor that was operating in modulation control and running at minimum load for extended periods of time. The printer also was experiencing an issue with water in the air lines, which was damaging print jobs and creating additional costs for the printer, who would have to reprint client work.

After completing a site assessment, the experts at Air Technologies® offered a no-cost, one-week-long compressed air system audit and identified areas for improvement. Air Technologies® recommended the installation of an Atlas Copco 25 HP GA 18VSD+ air compressor along with a new air dryer. Air Technologies® completed the installation of the new system and was able to meet the printer’s air demands by supplying consistent, dry air to the printing equipment, which significantly lowered the company’s operating costs.

A post audit of the new system confirmed annual energy savings of $12,602, or 63 percent. In addition, the local utility, Indianapolis Power & Light, awarded the customer a rebate for more than $12,000 for installing energy-efficient equipment. Air Technologies® also confirmed that the new air dryer helped the printing company to eliminate the problem with damaged product, reducing the need to reprint jobs and lowering overall operating costs.

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