Air Technologies® Solution Eliminates Downtime and Saves Customer 30% in Annual Maintenance Costs

An Ohio-based manufacturer of high-quality veneer and lumber products needed a backup air compressor for its plant. Additionally, the plant was experiencing costly scrap and production issues due to an old air compressor shutting down. The manufacturer contacted the experts at Air Technologies® in search of a reliable, cost-efficient compressed air solution that would eliminate risk at the plant.

Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor, recommended the installation of a new 100 HP fixed speed air compressor and refrigerated dryer to meet the manufacturer’s backup air compressor needs. Air Technologies® combined the existing 100 HP VSD air compressor being used at the plant with the new 100 HP fixed speed compressor. Air Technologies® also worked to create a customized 5-year customer service agreement for both air compressors to prolong the life of the manufacturer’s compressed air system.

The manufacturer is very pleased with the new compressed air system and dryer. They are especially impressed that they have not experienced any lost production and scrap since the new unit was installed. The Air Technologies® customer service agreement has helped the manufacturer experience cost savings of 30% through the regular rotation of the air compressors’ lead and lag.

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