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Air Technologies® Service Tech Saves Customer $11,000 in Repair Costs

A customer recently avoided spending thousands on unneeded repairs after an expert Air Technologies® service technician got to the root of the problem.

The customer suspected that its air compressor needed a new motor and airend — a cost of about $11,000. To confirm his suspicion he contacted Air Technologies® to diagnose the problem and find out what was needed to get the compressor back to optimum performance.

After inspection, the Air Technologies® service technician determined that there was nothing wrong with the motor or airend. The problem discovered was that the compressor’s thermostat was sticking during operation. The faulty thermostat was not allowing oil to flow through the cooler. As a result of the high temperatures, the unit would shut down during operation.

The Air Technologies® technician successfully repaired the thermostat and the compressor was up and running once again in no time. The customer was so pleased, he took the time to send a thank you and acknowledgement of the service technician’s expertise:

“He demonstrated excellent troubleshooting skills, had a positive, friendly attitude and represented your company with utmost professionalism. This is the quality and care I have seen from almost every person I have ever dealt with from your company. I wish I had more opportunities to acknowledge more field techs that have wowed me. My hat’s off to you and your team. Keep up the fantastic job. ”


Air Technologies® industry knowledge, exceptional customer support, and compressed air expertise saved the customer $11,000 in out-of-pocket repair costs.

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