Air Technologies® Saves Truck Parts Manufacturer $12,000 in Annual Energy Costs

Atlas Copco 75 HP GA55VSD+ air compressor
An Indiana-based company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing truck parts — manual transmissions, steering gears, differentials and other accessories — was operating two 20-year-old 75 HP rotary screw compressors in modulation. One compressor was a lead compressor while the other one served as a backup. The company was experiencing high maintenance costs and high energy costs because the lead compressor was inefficient and had issues unloading, and the backup compressor had a bad cooling fan. In addition, oil was passing downstream, creating major complications for the inline filters and dryer.

The company sought the advice of compressed air specialists at Air Technologies® for a more cost-efficient solution.

Air Technologies® performed a free one-week-long audit of the truck parts company’s compressed air system to uncover opportunities that would increase reliability, lower maintenance costs, and help the customer reduce its energy costs. Based on the results of the audit, Air Technologies® recommended a new Atlas Copco 75 HP GA55VSD+ air compressor.

After installing the equipment, Air Technologies® performed a post audit of the improved compressed air system, which verified that the client had saved more than $12,000 in annual energy costs. In addition, because it had installed energy-efficient equipment, the company earned an energy rebate of $13,553.29 from Hendricks Power & Light.

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