Air Technologies® Saves Manufacturer Thousands a Day in Lost Production

An Ohio-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial glass services was building a new $14 million facility to produce windshields next to its existing tempering plant. The manufacturer ran into major issues when the original equipment package air compressors that were ordered from Spain for its new facility were missing several components crucial to fulfilling the plant’s compressed air demands. This caused a lack of air that forced production to stop, leaving the manufacturer at risk of losing thousands. Incredibly stressed and left with a need for quick, reliable solutions, they contacted the experts at Air Technologies®.

Air Technologies®, realizing the severity of the situation, immediately met with the manufacturer on-site to assess its compressed air needs. Air Technologies® has parts and performs service on all brands of compressors, and was able to order and supply all of the missing accessories for the original air compressors from Spain that had initially caused the new facility to stop production.

The new air compressors and accessories were successful in meeting the plant’s compressed air demands, and were able to get operations up and running. They worked well in combination with a GA55VSD Atlas Copco air compressor that was being used at the facility. The manufacturer is incredibly impressed and appreciative that Air Technologies® found solutions for reliable production and that eliminated downtime. The manufacturer estimates that Air Technologies® saved them thousands of dollars a day in lost production, and had the following statement to make about the situation:

“Without the quick response and technical information supplied by Air Technologies®, we would still not be manufacturing as planned.”

Contact Air Technologies® today and boost productivity with customized, cost-effective, expert compressed air solutions that can improve operations at your plant!