Air Technologies® saves furniture company $75,000 in annual energy costs—plus a $12,375 energy rebate!

Air Technologies® saves furniture company $75,000 in annual energy costs—plus a $12,375 energy rebate

Air Technologies® helped an innovative furniture company monitor all of its air compressor systems, solve its compressor issues and achieve $75,000 in energy savings annually, along with a $12,375 energy rebate.

The furniture company had six air compressors in three separate plants, with each machine running partially loaded. Although two of the plants were connected, they were operating as two separate systems because there was a chance that pressure issues might affect the production and quality of manufacturing.

After a plant walk-through and a two-week air audit on the company’s compressed air systems, Air Technologies® found an optimal solution with its ManagAIR® monitoring and controlling system. ManagAIR® is a state-of-the-art computerized system that centrally monitors and controls a compressed air system 24 hours a day. It sequences air compressors at peak efficiency, saving tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

After installation and careful monitoring, Air Technologies® was able to operate the two connected plants as one system with no issues, and monitor all compressor systems with ManagAIR® as the central monitoring system. It solved all pressure issues with a pressure band of 5 psi. With optimal operation efficiency, the ManagAIR® system now saves the company about $75,000 in energy costs annually. Additionally, Air Technologies® applied for an energy rebate on behalf of the furniture company and leveraged a $12,375 energy rebate.

Air Technologies® analyzed the company’s situation and found a solution with ManagAIR®. As an option, ManagAIR® can also be customized to monitor and control air dryers, pumps, fans, louvers, valves and other equipment to provide complete and comprehensive control of your compressed air system. Contact Air Technologies® today to see how you can decrease your annual energy costs.