Air Technologies® Saves Customer $21,942 in Energy Costs

air compressor installed at PMC

PMC Smart Solutions, a Cincinnati-based company that specializes in precision plastic components, was running an inefficient 75 HP modulating compressor and a 75 HP load/no load compressor. While the modulating compressor could no longer keep up with air demands, the load/no load compressor was running unloaded 46% of the time with a high number of motor starts.

Air Technologies® performed a compressed air system audit to identify how they could best meet the customer’s needs. Air Technologies® recommended the installation of an Atlas Copco GA55VSDFF 75 HP air compressor to replace the old modulating compressor and to work in tandem with the load/no load compressor. After installation, PMC realized that the new air compressor was sufficient to meet all of their compressed air demands, and they shut off the load/no load compressor.

After performing a post-installation audit, Air Technologies® confirmed that the new air compressor resulted in more than a 40% annual energy savings with a reduction of $21,942 in energy costs. PMC Smart Solutions also earned an energy rebate of $3,750 from its local electric utility.
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