Air Technologies® saves a building products manufacturer an annual $60,258 in energy costs

Air Technologies® saves a building products manufacturer an annual $60,258 in energy costs

DirectAIR compressed air utility

Air Technologies® helped a building products manufacturer save $60,258 in annual energy costs and increase productivity by 40% with DirectAIR®.

A large building products manufacturer was dealing with the ramifications of a dismal compressed-air system. Throughout its plant, the company had multiple old screw compressors that weren’t producing 100% clean air. The inefficient equipment caused excessive maintenance, which often bottlenecked production throughout the two facilities. The old equipment also created an extremely hot and dirty working environment. As the situation became more pressing, the manufacturer knew it needed to find a new and complete compressed air solution.

The experts at Air Technologies® supplied a compressed-air audit and recommended its DirectAIR® solution. Known as a company’s fourth utility, DirectAIR® supplies companies with a consistent supply of 100% clean, compressed air in an on-site, compressed-air facility that is owned and maintained by Air Technologies®. The Air Technologies® technicians installed the new air compressor equipment in the DirectAIR® facility to increase ventilation, take the equipment off of the production floor, save valuable space and create a better working environment. They also installed new, six-inch compressed-air piping throughout the two plants.

The new piping and DirectAIR® site eliminated the excessive internal and external maintenance costs and dramatically increased the manufacturer’s awareness of its compressed-air costs. The company reduced its energy usage by about 753,000 kilowatt hours, experienced an annual energy savings of $60,258 and saw a 40% increase in productivity. Because of its monumental energy savings, the manufacturer received a $60,000 energy rebate that was paid in full.

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