Air Technologies® satisfies another customer with new systems and increased savings

Air Technologies® satisfies another customer with new systems and increased savings


Air Technologies® helped a Fortune 500 printing company save more than 1 million kilowatt-hours (kwh) a year with an improved and efficient compressed air system.

The Need for Improved Efficiency

A large Fortune 500 company that provides print and related services, was running with two separate compressed air systems and a total of nine air compressors — with no controls. The company was looking to add a variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor and a controls package in order to improve efficiency.

A team from Air Technologies® reviewed the customer’s kilowatt-hour data and provided projected savings and rebates upon switching to an Atlas Copco 215 HP VSD air compressor. Atlas Copco’s VSD technology helps reduce energy costs by an average 35% by automatically adjusting the air supply to a plant’s demand. Air Technologies® also recommended installing a ManagAIR® control system that centrally monitors, operates and controls a compressed air system from a LAN-connected PC. It sequences multiple air compressors at peak efficiency, which can save tens of thousands of dollars in power costs.

A Successful Outcome

With the new solutions in place, the customer is now saving more than what was originally projected — an annual 1,015,474 kilowatt-hours, which equates to a savings of about $64,410 in annual energy costs. The company is also eligible to receive a potential $101,547 energy rebate.

The printing company was so impressed with the success of the VSD compressor, that it is now considering adding a second VSD unit. The customer has been very pleased with the efforts and expertise from the Air Technologies® team and plans to continue working together in the future.


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