Air Technologies® reduces die cast manufacturer’s kilowatt-hours (kWh) by 36%

Air Technologies® reduces Michigan die cast manufacturer’s kilowatt-hours (kWh) by 36%

M & M Die Cast

Air Technologies® helped M & M Die Cast, Inc., a Michigan die cast manufacturer, reduce its kilowatt-hours (kWh) by 36%.

M & M Die Cast’s plant was running inefficiently with modulation technology and metal halide lights. Its air compressor was also experiencing problems with oil and water downstream. Wanting to save on electrical costs, the manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® for energy and cost-saving solutions.

After analyzing M & M Die Cast’s core energy and efficiency issues, Air Technologies® replaced the manufacturer’s 40 HP Palatek air compressor with a 35 HP GA-26 VSD-AP Atlas Copco air compressor, a stand alone Atlas Copco FX air dryer and a coalescing filter. Air Technologies® partnered with Efficiency UNITED, a Michigan based utility-sponsored energy efficiency program, to find five energy-saving measures that contributed to a rebate and energy savings that were higher than the cost of the compressed air system. The energy-saving measures included a variable speed drive air compressor, engineered air nozzles, interior high bay fluorescent lights, exterior LED lights and occupancy sensors for high bays.

After the installation of the new air compressor and other energy efficiency solutions, M & M Die Cast was awarded a $28,754 rebate, which included the incentives for all five installed measures. This qualified the compressor for an incentive of 75 percent of the installed cost. Reducing its annual electricity costs from 77,700 kWh to 43,500 kWh (a 36% reduction), M & M Die Cast was able to save a significant amount of money in annual energy costs.

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