Air Technologies ModulAIR® saves manufacturer $65,000 in annual energy costs

Air Technologies® helped an automotive component manufacturer in Louisville, Ky., save $100,000 in new building expenses and $65,000 in annual energy costs.

The manufacturer was looking to purchase a new compressed air system for a large plant expansion. The customer was operating on four large air compressors with no central controls. The customer was out of space in their current air compressor room and needed an efficient solution.

The manufacturer knew that price of building extra space for a new compressor system would quickly escalate with installation costs for proper ducting, ventilation, air filtration and room recirculation dampeners. Air Technologies® stepped in and recommended that the company purchase a new Atlas Copco 400-HP Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressor and install it in a ModulAIR® compressed air module.

ModulAIR®, Air Technologies® compressed air module, is a completely engineered and assembled compressed air plant with the entire necessary components included, installed and ready to operate.

Installing the new VSD air compressor in ModulAIR® saved the customer $100,000 in new building expenses and $65,000 in annual energy savings. The manufacturer was even able to reduce its fleet of machines from four to two air compressors, helping to cut back on maintenance costs.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to expand operations, ModulAIR® may be right for your plant. Contact Air Technologies® to learn how you can cut costs and gain floor space with our modular compressed air solution!