Air Technologies® Helps Manufacturer Reduce Energy Costs With New Air Receiver

An Ohio-based process manufacturer in the poultry industry was experiencing continuous issues with its 75 HP Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressor. Due to a lack of air storage, the VSD compressor was constantly breaking down, forcing the backup 100 HP air compressor to start frequently to maintain air pressure. This stress on its existing compressed air system was causing the manufacturer to experience excessive downtime and high energy costs. Ready to find a cost-efficient solution that would improve productivity at the plant, the manufacturer contacted Air Technologies®.

Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor, completed an air audit that included measuring the amount of pressure being used by the compressed air system. It was discovered that the VSD compressor was constantly fluctuating because it was reading pipe pressure only. Air Technologies® recommended adding a 1550-gallon air receiver that was just over 3 gallons per CFM to allow the compressor to react to plant pressure, not just pipe pressure.

The manufacturer has experienced several improvements with the new air receiver. Its original 75 HP VSD air compressor now maintains the plant on a consistent basis, while the 100 HP backup compressor can stay off. An additional audit after the air receiver was installed found that on the weekends, the VSD air compressor only turns on four times an hour versus every 5 minutes, which is how often it turned on before the air receiver was installed. The manufacturer is thrilled that it now has a reliable air compressor with longer lasting wear parts due to the elimination of a constantly fluctuating motor RPM, which has resulted in lower energy costs. The manufacturer is also pleased that it did not have to buy a larger air compressor as originally thought.

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