Air Technologies® helps food manufacturer reduce noise levels to 62 dB(A)

Air Technologies® helps food manufacturer reduce noise levels to 62 dB(A) with silent air compressor

Atlas Copco VSD+ reduces air compressor noise levels

Air Technologies® has helped a small food manufacturer reduce its air compressor noise levels to 62 dB(A) and increase its energy savings by 50% with the new revolutionary silent air compressor from Atlas Copco—the GA 7-15 VSD+ (10-20 HP).

Air Technologies® customer Sophie’s Choice Pierogies operates in an open production space in Garfield Heights, Ohio. It was using a reciprocating air compressor with no dryer that it kept in a shed behind the building. In order to prevent the unit from freezing, the manufacturer wanted to bring the unit indoor during the harsh winter months. Because space was limited, Sophie’s Choice Pierogies would have to place the air compressor against a wall in the work area. However, the air compressor would be too loud to work around.

After assessing the situation and Sophie’s Choice Pierogies’ needs, Air Technologies® found a solution in the GA 7 VSD+, Atlas Copco’s new game-changing air compressor featuring variable speed drive technology as standard. The innovative design of the air compressor is celebrated for its extreme energy savings, no idling time, silent operation and small footprint. Instead of the typical horizontal air compressor design, the GA 7 VSD+ has an upright, vertical layout.

For Sophie’s Choice Pierogies, the GA 7 VSD+’s primary benefit is its efficient ERP2015-compliant fan motor, which reduces electricity consumption and noise levels. The fan’s innovative design was inspired by nature. The serrated edge of its blades mimic the most silent bird of prey—the owl. An owl’s wings allow it to silently surprise its prey, improve its aerodynamics and use less energy while flying through the air. The design of the air compressor’s fan motor has the same advantages: it’s energy-efficient and quiet—at only 62 dB(A). In fact, workers can conduct a normal conversation while standing next to the unit.

Not only did Air Technologies® help Sophie’s Choice Pierogies decrease noise levels, it also decreased its idling time and improved its energy-efficiency, among other benefits. Contact Air Technologies® today to discover if the new revolutionary GA 7-15 VSD+ is the right solution for your business!