Air Technologies® Helps Customer Eliminate Downtime with Atlas Copco Compressor

An Ohio-based supplier of fasteners, keys and hardware products had been doing business with a competitor of Air Technologies® for several years, and was no longer satisfied with the level of service the competitor provided. When searching for a new air compressor for its plant, the supplier contacted Air Technologies® to learn more about the reliability that our compressed air solutions could provide to eliminate downtime. The supplier was also interested in our customer service agreements.

Air Technologies®, North America’s largest Atlas Copco distributor, recommended the installation of an Atlas Copco air compressor that could provide the supplier with high-quality, clean compressed air and improve its operations. The supplier also received a recommendation for Air Technologies® 5 Star Full Responsibility customer service agreement, a fixed-cost agreement that covers all preventive maintenance and repairs. This full responsibility customer service agreement offered the supplier an ideal option that includes all maintenance, repairs or replacements that may be needed.

The supplier is extremely pleased with the new air compressor, which has decreased downtime at its plant. It is also very happy with the 5 Star Full Responsibility customer service agreement, and pleased that they only need to make one purchase order a year that covers professionally servicing the air compressor and handling any repairs. The supplier is impressed with how the Air Technologies® team did everything possible to ensure that all of its compressed air needs were met and that its new compressed air equipment is positioned for optimum performance.

Contact Air Technologies® today and discover how our customer service agreements can provide stress-free solutions that save your plant thousands!

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