Air Technologies® helps customer earn $8,000 energy rebate

ModulAIR by Air Technologies
Air Technologies® helped a northwest Ohio manufacturer lower energy costs and earn an $8,000 energy rebate by recommending more energy-efficient solutions for the plant.

The company, which produces aluminum and zinc die castings, began experiencing failures with its current compressors and dryers after adding new machinery to increase its production capacity.

That’s when the experts at Air Technologies® stepped in.

After performing an audit, Air Technologies® recommended the installation of a new Atlas Copco VSD Compressor. In order to protect the new compressors from the facility’s harsh environment, Air Technologies® also recommended its ModulAIR®, which houses air compressors and dryers to protect them from the elements, and ManagAIR®, a state-of-the-art computer system that controls and monitors the compressed air system 24 hours a day.

ManagAIR screens

The customer purchased three new compressors with integrated dryers, installed in an Air Technologies® ModulAIR® with ManagAIR® controlling and monitoring system. By moving the compressors, the company recovered valuable floor space inside the plant. The customer’s new compressed air system has helped the company reduce energy costs and earn an energy rebate for $8,000 from their electric utility for purchasing the energy-efficient VSD air compressors.

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