Air Technologies® Helps Customer Decrease Annual Energy Costs by $5,200 and Earn a $1,750 Rebate.

Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressors
A leading metal service center’s old 40-horsepower (HP) oversized air compressor was experiencing pressure problems, short cycling and using too much energy. To resolve the problem, the company called the experts at Air Technologies®.

After an air audit, an Air Technologies® sales engineer found that the plant could run more efficiently by downsizing to a 35-HP Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor. After installation, the customer was ecstatic.

The company’s annual energy usage dropped from 123,136 kilowatt hours (kWh) to 61,152 kWh, and its energy costs decreased from $10,467 to $5,198. In addition, the customer earned a $1,750 energy rebate thanks to a special program that encourages the replacement of modulation or load/no load-controlled compressors with energy-efficient, variable speed drive compressors.

Customer service is at the core of Air Technologies® industry expertise and problem solving.

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