Air Technologies® Eliminates Pressure Problems with Single Compressor

GA 110 VSD+
A custom woodworking, window shutter and interior trim plant was operating three old air compressors. Due to their age and condition, the trio functioned poorly, causing air pressure problems throughout the plant. With a plant expansion approaching, the company called in the experts from Air Technologies®.

After performing an audit, an Air Technologies® sales engineer found that the plant could function more efficiently by eliminating all three mature compressors and installing a 100-HP Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor.

With the plant expansion complete and the new compressor installed, pressure problems were eradicated and the company is in a good position to accommodate its current and future production needs.

The company’s annual energy usage dropped from 123,136 kilowatt hours (kWh) to 61,152 kWh, and its energy costs decreased from $10,467 to $5,198. In addition, the customer earned a $1,750 energy rebate thanks to a special program that encourages the replacement of modulation or load/no load-controlled compressors with energy-efficient, variable speed drive compressors.

Long term, the new 100-HP Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor is projected to give the customer a 25% overall energy reduction.

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