Air Technologies® dealer program helps an air compressor distributor expand its product line

Air Technologies® helps an air compressor distributor expand its product line

atlas copco dealer program

Air Technologies® helped an air compressor distributor expand its product line and meet customer needs.

Airworks, LLC, an Amish-owned and -operated distributor of compressed air, power tools and supply products, had a high customer demand for compressed air solutions beyond what its reciprocating air compressor products could provide. The company looked into the Atlas Copco Dealer Program to help expand its compressed air product line and capabilities.

The Air Technologies® Dealer Team helps companies that are eager to succeed in the compressed air market by expanding their product and service lines and actively growing their new prospects and customer accounts. After Airworks decided to join the Dealers Program, Air Technologies® coached, trained and supported the Airworks team to grow the business and provide their customers with an outstanding overall experience.

As part of the Dealer Program, Airworks is able to integrate 50 HP and below air compressor equipment into its core product portfolios. The company now offers its customers Atlas Copco GX and GA air compressors with full-feature integrated refrigerated air dryers, FX dryers, desiccant dryers, membrane dryers, after coolers, filters, receiver tanks and oil water separators.

Participating in the Atlas Copco Dealer Program has helped Airworks increase its air compressor sales, as well as its related aftermarket product sales. The company includes Atlas Copco compressors in its company catalog that is distributed to 35,000-plus customer accounts throughout the multistate Amish community. Its customers are now enjoying the advantage of Atlas Copco rotary screw technology, which is helping their businesses grow—without the problems associated with the old piston technology.

If you’re looking to expand your company’s product portfolio and business opportunities, become an Air Technologies® Dealer today! We’re committed to developing successful business relationships with our Dealer Team so that everyone wins.