Air Technologies® Customer Wins the EPA E3 Gold Award

Air Technologies® Customer Wins the EPA E3 Gold Award

Air Technologies® customer Kent Elastomer Products recently won the gold-level award in Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program—reaching the highest standard of environmental stewardship. Kent Elastomer attributed its exceptional energy efficiency to its new Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD+) air compressor, among other applaudable energy-saving projects.

Kent Elastomer, a custom dip-molded natural rubber latex and non-latex product manufacturer, was running an Atlas Copco GA 22 VSD FF and was looking to reduce its energy consumption. Air Technologies® technicians analyzed the situation and suggested a GA 15 VSD+ was better suited for the volume of air it required. GA VSD+ compressors result in an average energy savings of 50 percent and an average 37 percent reduction in the lifecycle cost of a compressor.

After Air Technologies® installed the new VSD+ air compressor and relocated the old compressor to another plant, Kent Elastomer began experiencing energy savings at both plants. In fact, the energy-efficient air compressor and other company-wide initiatives reduced electricity consumption by 20 percent, gas usage by 12 percent and solid waste by 50 percent since 2007.

“What we achieved in terms of minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption required a focused effort by everyone in our organization and certainly did not happen overnight,” said Kent Elastomer President Bob Oborn in a press release. “These awards speak volumes about what can be gained from dedication to a common and very worthwhile goal.”

If your operation has sustainability goals or would like to increase energy savings, contact Air Technologies®.

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