Air Technologies® Customer Earns Energy Rebate and Saves Thousands!

A food manufacturing company based out of Kentucky was experiencing inefficient operations at their plant that resulted in costly downtime and stress. Determined to find a cost-effective solution that would provide a consistent stream of clean, compressed air, they contacted Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® recommended an air audit at the manufacturer’s facility to diagnose the problem with the compressed air system. They discovered that the root of the issue stemmed from an older, electrically inefficient 50 HP air compressor. After reviewing the plant’s needs, Air Technologies® suggested the installation of a new Atlas Copco GA 37 VSD+, which can reduce energy consumption by a staggering 50% on average. Additionally, this model offers improved performance, silent operation (down to 62 dB(A)) and a compact footprint, thanks to its vertical drive train design.

The manufacturer is pleased with the new compressed air system. They are especially thrilled that so far, it has provided a saving of $11,663 per year and was eligible for a $4,373 energy rebate from the local power company. The manufacturer looks forward to discovering how much they will continue to save in the future!

Could a new compressor mean new savings at your plant? Contact Air Technologies® and find out we can improve your compressed air operations.

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