Air Technologies® compressor repair service astounds Sealy Mattress

Air Technologies® air compressor repair service astounds Sealy Mattress

Although great customer service is rare these days, Air Technologies® has proven to customer Sealy Mattress that its technicians not only demonstrate technical expertise but they excel in customer service as well.

Previously, Air Technologies® was only servicing Sealy Mattress’s air dryers twice a year while another company serviced its air compressors. Sealy Mattress became frustrated at the minimum service it received from the other company, as well as the “no call, no shows.” In contrast, Air Technologies® consistently provided exceptional refrigerated air dryer service to Sealy Mattress biannually. Air Technologies® technicians practiced being brilliant at the basics: arrive on time, fix it the first time and be prepared.

Upon enlisting Air Technologies® for its air compressor services, Sealy Mattress now has the most highly trained service technicians in the region who go above and beyond the standard call of service. In addition, Sealy Mattress has access to Air Technologies® Wireless Service Center, which provides real-time support for compressed air needs. Using the most advanced wireless Internet-based service management and dispatch software in the industry, Air Technologies® service team conducts real-time electronic diagnostics and problem solving to fix any issues correctly the first time. Air Technologies® also measures arrive-on-time performance on every service order and keeps legible, clear and precise records of all work performed.

Sealy Mattress noted that the switch to Air Technologies® was well worth it. “I know Air Technologies® isn’t going to come in and replace filters and leave,” a Sealy Mattress representative said. Air Technologies® technicians take ownership of Sealy Mattress’s equipment and make it run more reliably with fewer breakdowns. Plus, Air Technologies® gives Sealy Mattress peace of mind, knowing that technicians will show up when they say they will.

Air Technologies® provides expert, value-added repair and customer service. Access reliable, consistent and quality service for your air compressors by Contacting Air Technologies® today!