Air Technologies® Awarded DTE Energy Savings Project of the Year

Air Technologies® Awarded DTE Energy Savings Project of the Year

DTE Energy Awards Air Technologies
In this photo, (left to right): Katherine M. Banicki, Detroit Society of Engineers; Adam Gibbs, Regional Sales Manager at Air Technologies®; Len Bishop, Regional Sales Manager at Atlas Copco; John Conover, Product Line Manager at Atlas Copco; and Irene Dimitry, VP Marketing and Renewables at DTE Energy.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, during the DTE Energy & Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) Energy Exhibition & Energy Conference, DTE Energy recognized Air Technologies® as the DTE Energy Savings Project of the Year for its energy and cost savings initiatives and solutions that have made the most effective contribution in reducing energy in partnership with the Detroit-based steel manufacturer, Severstal.

Air Technologies® was credited with providing a total solution for Severstal that saved the manufacturer over 5 million in annual kWh usage and $400,000 in annual energy costs. Air Technologies® equipped Severstal with its comprehensive compressed air solution, DirectAIR®, using Atlas Copco oil free rotary screw Z air compressors, heat of compression MD dryers, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology and Air Technologies® central control system ManagAIR®. Air Technologies® was the only compressed air distributor recognized for an award.

Air Technologies® has helped both large and small customers improve their compressed air systems and significantly reduce operating costs with DirectAIR® and other customer specific solutions. DirectAIR® is compressed air as a worry-free utility provided by Air Technologies®. DirectAIR® includes equipment, installation, software, maintenance and operations, all within a state of the art modular compressed air facility. Typical energy savings range from 25% to 50%. With DirectAIR®, customers are guaranteed a continuous supply of high quality compressed air as a utility.

Air Technologies® remains actively involved in Michigan’s Public Act 295. It has secured some of the largest kWh savings and corresponding rebates for customers in the last few years, with several projects exceeding 1 million in annual kWh savings using Atlas Copco compressors.

Air Technologies® has received similar accolades in the past from AEP and Efficiency United for outstanding customer support and energy savings.

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