Air Technologies® audit uncovers creative solution for manufacturer to realize 62% annual energy savings and $22,000 energy rebate

A leading manufacturer of tools and accessories for the tile, porcelain and natural stone industry was looking for a solution to improve its compressed air system’s efficiency with a short investment payback period. Air Technologies® recommended that the manufacturer start with a compressed air system audit.

The manufacturer was running a 100-horsepower (HP) load/unload air compressor that was short cycling and consuming too much energy. The manufacturer was operating the air compressor with a higher pressure than what was needed due to an excessive pressure drop resulting from an inadequate pipe size, as well as running for many years without a dryer. Also contributing to the short cycling of the air compressor was the lack of storage.

Based on the results of the air system audit and spending time in the plant to evaluate the manufacturer’s compressed air issues, Air Technologies® experts determined that by installing a new 1,500-gallon tank and new aluminum air piping, the manufacturer could substantially lower air pressure. Air Technologies® also recommended repairing a large leak on a cylinder that was detected during a plant walk. To further reduce energy consumption, Air Technologies® technicians repurposed a small 25-HP compressor the manufacturer already had to handle off-peak hours and weekends.

After improvements were made and a post-audit was performed, the results more than met the manufacturer’s expectations — resulting in a 62% annual energy savings and a rebate in the amount of $22,000. The solution that Air Technologies® provided offered less than a six-month payback period. By installing the aluminum air piping and the new storage tank, the manufacturer was able to lower its overall system pressure by 10% and eliminate leaks and short cycling of its 100-HP compressor controls.

To learn how you can increase your plant’s cost efficiency or qualify for energy rebates, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer today!!

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