Air Technologies® Air Audit Helps Manufacturer Save Over $10,000 in Annual Energy Usage

A Louisville-based materials fabricator was experiencing downtime at their plant due to two 25-year-old 50 HP air compressors that were extremely inefficient. Frustrated with experiencing frequent compressed air issues, the manufacturer contacted the Air Technologies® team to find out how they could meet their plants compressed air demands and improve productivity.

In an effort to better assess the needs of the manufacturer, Air Technologies® performed an air audit to determine problem areas and evaluate how the plant could become more energy efficient. The air study revealed that the plant could run much more efficiently if they replaced the two older units with an Atlas Copco GA 15 VSD+ 20 HP air compressor, which could significantly improve plant operations with revolutionary Variable Speed Drive+ (VSD+) technology. VSD+ technology offers an average of 50% on energy savings because it is able to closely match air demand by automatically adjusting motor speed. It is also able to minimize system leakage due to a lower system pressure.

The customer is thrilled with the new, reliable air compressor. They no longer worry about downtime at their plant, and estimate that the new compressor has saved the company $10,800 in yearly energy usage. Additionally, Air Technologies® secured an energy rebate of $4,000 from the local power company for the customer, which gave the manufacturer a 12-month return on investment. The manufacturer looks forward to future savings for its plant.

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