AEP Ohio Honors Air Technologies® with Energy Efficiency Top Producer Award

AEP Ohio Honors Air Technologies® with Energy Efficiency Top Producer Award

AEP Ohio Award

Air Technologies® is leading the compressed air industry with energy-saving solutions that help its customers save thousands in energy costs each year. American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio recently presented the company with a 2014 Energy Efficiency Top Producer Award. With over 5 million kWh saved, Air Technologies® was ranked 6th among hundreds of other solutions providers—ranging from lighting to HVAC suppliers—for top kWh savings production. The company has been a top Solution Provider in AEP Ohio’s Energy Efficiency programs for the past three years.

An award ceremony was held in Wilmot, Ohio. George Sampson and Jon Brooks, sales engineers serving the Cleveland area, accepted the award on behalf of Air Technologies®.

“Many of the kWh saved for our customers were tied to energy-efficient Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors,” said Trey Donze, Northeast Ohio Regional Sales Manager.

VSD compressors closely monitor an application’s air demand and automatically adjust the motor speed to meet its specific requirements. With VSD technology, customers see an average energy savings of 35-50% and an average 22-37% reduction in the lifecycle cost of a compressor—making it a major energy and cost savings solution.

AEP Ohio’s Custom Energy Efficiency Program helps Air Technologies® customers receive incentives for purchasing high efficiency equipment and making process improvements that reduce energy consumption and peak demand.

For more information on energy saving solutions or AEP Ohio’s Energy Efficiency programs, contact Air Technologies®!

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