Accessories Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs & Earns Rebate

truck cap manufacturing

An Ohio-based manufacturer of truck caps and other truck accessories was operating five 50 HP air compressors — three of which featured modulation control units and two that held load and unload control capacity. The compressor system lacked a central control system, which meant that all five compressors were operating independently from one another and only partially loaded. The inefficiencies of the compressed air system caused higher than expected operation costs.

The customer turned to the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a more cost-efficient solution.

ManagAIR screens

Air Technologies® provided the customer with a recommendation to install ManagAIR® software, the state-of-the-art computerized system by Air Technologies® that centrally monitors and controls compressed air systems 24 hours a day. ManagAIR® automatically sequences industrial, multiple air compressor systems to reduce energy costs, maintenance costs and downtime, allowing compressed air equipment to operate at peak efficiency 24/7/365.

ManagAIR® has helped the manufacturer maximize the efficiency of its compressed air system. The customer’s new compressed air solution saved them $46,000 in annual energy costs and reduced kilowatt-hours usage by 28 percent, earning the customer a rebate from FirstEnergy of $29,000. In just eight months after installation, the customer received a full return on their investment.

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