Companies trust us for their compressed air utility

“Before DirectAIR®, we experienced moisture problems and low air pressure issues. The struggle to regulate our air pressure was a constant concern and the damage to our plant pneumatic equipment was a problem. A weight has been lifted knowing that Air Technologies® is delivering all of our plant air. We’d never go back to buying compressors again!”

Honeywell Corporation

DirectAIR® has delivered 100% dewpoint and pressure reliability since startup. DirectAIR®’s significantly tighter pressure band has improved our production control and lowered our air consumption. The excellent air performance has allowed us to eliminate the practice of steam hosing control valves in our production. This has resulted in an added benefit of reducing our 50 psig steam usage by 15% and eliminated a safety problem. The overall performance has been above our expectations!”

DuPont, USA

“We have saved an enormous amount of time by virtually eliminating lost production due to poor quality air.”

Zinc Processing Plant

“Just a short note on job well done. You have raised the bar for all future compressed air facilities. I have been really close and understand the engineering, planning, infrastructure, construction, lead time, and all the problems that go along with this stuff with a typical third-party compressed air house. WOW. DirectAIR® is to be commended. Also, great job in understanding, listening and treating our customer with patience and respect. At times this may have been the most difficult part of your job. Great job.”

Energy & Utility Services Organization

“No more unplanned expenses. No more knee-jerk reactions to compressed air needs.”

Chemical Company

“No downtime. Great peace of mind.”

Automotive Tier 1 Supplier 

Rely on the experts at Air Technologies® for all your compressed air needs.