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Over 55 years of proven expertise and quality service

Air Technologies® has become one of the world’s largest independent compressor distributors and service centers. While bigger does not always mean better, we have never lost sight of how we’ve earned the trust and loyalty of so many customers over the years. We use our success to reinvest in the things that matter most to our customers and our wonderfully talented associates who serve them.

Many years ago, we set out on our mission.

To have our customers’ choices enable us to become the dominant compressed air systems and services supplier in every market in which we choose to do business. We do this by helping each customer achieve their mission through our committed, focused and capable associates; working with like-minded suppliers; and guiding our decision by shared core values.

Serving New Customers

Our business strategy includes mergers and acquisitions with other companies that share our core values. In February 2018, we acquired Compressed Air Systems, LLC, a south Louisiana compressed air company headquartered in Lafayette, La. With offices in three locations – Lafayette, La., New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. – the company provides air compressor equipment and services to companies in various categories, from offshore drilling and production to marine, chemical plants, refineries and industrial applications.

Our Core Values

Integrity – We will do what we say we will do. Our words and actions will be honest, ethical and respectful.

Achievement – We will strive for and be judged in our work by our individual and collective accomplishments.

Investment – We believe in our future and will continuously invest in ourselves and our company.

Balance – We will enjoy life by working passionately, playing hard and loving and appreciating family and friends.

While it’s easy to write these words, it’s harder to live up to them. We commit ourselves every day to live and work to these values.

Thank you for visiting the Air Technologies® website and for the opportunity to serve you. You can count on us to LISTEN to what’s important to you, to COMMIT to solutions that fit your goals and to DELIVER on our promises.

Contact us today to discover the Air Technologies® Advantage for yourself.

Kurt Lang

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